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Integrating in an Online World

Are You Delivering the Right Messages to the Right People, the Right Way? The web has changed the way we market and sell our products and services forever.

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12-Step Marketing Program
The New Rules of Marketing

Want more clients? Know where to find them? The size of your budget will not necessarily determine your marketing effectiveness or success for finding more clients!

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12-Step Foundation
Building the Structure to Earn

What is the number one marketing challenge facing your business right now? The answer for most is not having enough time and the lack
of a consistent follow up process.

12-Step Foundation
Is Your Marketing Strategy Out-Of-Date?

More than 75% of the U.S. adult population is now online! Do you know where your customers are NOW or will be in the FUTURE?

By 2012 it is estimated that more than 1 billion people will be posting information online through blogs, email, social networks, and photo/ video sharing networks. The old traditional way of marketing 'one-way or outbound' marketing (telemarketing, direct mail, print ads, TV/radio-interruption based) is over. Today, connecting with your customers is becoming more of a challenge -- the pressure on businesses to shift strategy is mounting. The age
of 'inbound' marketing (blogging, social media, RSS, SEO/SEM, public relations-permission based) is here to stay - businesses and non-profit organizations are now required to create compelling environments and content that attracts prospects through interactive venues.

In contrast, marketing principles have not changed - nurturing meaningful relationships is still accomplished by traditional means, the difference is the media we use to connect and maintain these relationships - in addition, technology allows us to expand our networks exponentially. A new business mindset is necessary to embrace this new paradigm --- the only mistake a business can make in today's economy is "inaction".

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Source: eMarketer

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